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Aurum Celestial Dzi Necklace

Aurum Celestial Dzi Necklace

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Dzi bead has a rich history and is highly valued in Tibetan culture for its connection to ancient wisdom and divine energies. It is often cherished and passed down through generations as a family heirloom, believed to carry the blessings and protection of previous owners.

Three-eyed Dzi is believed to bring wealth, success and glory. In Buddhism this bead symbolizes the god of wealth Yellow Dzambala (Kubera), the symbol of all the types of prosperity in all worlds. The three-eyed Dzi bead is an ideal choice for individuals who seek to pursue both wealth and achievements in their careers.

Four-eyed Dzi is said to eliminate of obstacles and ensure long-life safety. It is believed to ward off evil spirits and alleviate suffering.

Six-eyed Dzi represents the purification of the six sense organs and symbolizes a pure mind beyond desires and greed. It can assist the wearer in purifying the mind, harmonizing energies, and amplifying good fortune.

Eight-eyed Dzi is a symbol of the Eight Treasures in Buddhism, representing the accumulation of blessings, wealth, and abundance. It is believed that all wishes and desires of the wearer will be fulfilled.

Nine-Eye Dzi Bead stands as the most superior. It signifies wisdom, protection, and fulfillment, and is considered to bring good fortune and success in various aspects of life.This bead also symbolizes nine planets of the stellar system and the essence of the universe.

Trust your intuition when choosing a dzi bead. If a particular bead resonates with you and feels right, it may be the one that best suits your needs and intentions. Each dzi bead is unique and one-of-a-kind. There is only one available. 

The 14k gold-filled chain adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the necklace, enhancing its overall allure.

The chain is 20 inches around. Adjustable.

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