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Tourmaline Mala

Tourmaline Mala

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This mala necklace features a string of genuine tourmaline beads, meticulously hand-knotted on a durable thread.

Tourmaline is renowned for its energetic properties, promoting protection, grounding, and purification. Each bead carries unique variations of colors, ranging from vibrant greens and pinks to deep blues and blacks, reflecting the diversity and beauty of nature.

The Tourmaline Mala is traditionally used for meditation, chanting, and mantra recitation. With 108 beads, it provides a tangible guide for counting repetitions and deepening spiritual practices. 

As you use the Tourmaline Mala in your spiritual journey, it helps to harmonize the chakras, release negative energy, and facilitate inner healing and transformation. It encourages a sense of balance, clarity, and connection with the present moment.

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