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Sandalwood Wrist Mala

Sandalwood Wrist Mala

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Sandalwood: It has been used for centuries for its spiritual and medicinal benefits. It is believed to help soothe the mind, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote mental clarity and relaxation. The natural fragrance of sandalwood is also said to have a calming effect on the mind and body, making it a popular choice for meditation and spiritual practices.

This wrist mala bracelet features 19 sandalwood beads, each handcrafted and polished to a smooth finish. The traditional design of the bracelet makes it perfect for use in meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practices.

Small: 6 - 6.25 inches around
Med: 6.5 - 6.75 inches around
Large: 7 - 7.25 inches around


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