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Rudraksha & Dzi Protection Mala

Rudraksha & Dzi Protection Mala

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Embrace the essence of spiritual elegance with this distinctive Rudraksha 108 mala. At its core, this mala features the traditional 108 Rudraksha beads, revered for centuries for their unique ability to guide meditation practices and instill calmness.

Tiger Tooth Dzi Bead: Elevating its traditional charm, a tiger tooth dzi bead gracefully dangles, symbolizing Courage, Confidence and Self-realization. Its intricate patterns evoke a deep sense of mystique and ancient wisdom.

Complementing the overall design, two hand-carved yak bone beads add a touch of Himalayan essence. These beads, often used in Tibetan spiritual practices, stand as a testament to endurance and the cycle of life.

Strung together with precision and intention, this mala isn't just an accessory; it's a companion for your spiritual journey, a tribute to age-old traditions, and a statement of your inner strength and serenity.

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