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Nepalese Handmade Incense Cones

Nepalese Handmade Incense Cones

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Ingredients: These incense cones are composed of organic ingredients like sandalwood, cedar, and local herbs, bound with natural gums. Free from synthetic additives, they deliver a pure and natural scent.

Aromatic Profile: Lighting one of these cones envelopes your space in a calming, woodsy aroma with a delicate floral undertone, perfect for meditation, relaxation, or as an inviting home fragrance.

Usage: Enjoy a clean burn of around 20 minutes per cone, with a lingering scent that continues to purify your space long after the ember fades.

Packaging: The incense cones come in a box of 25, packaged in handcrafted Lokta paper, promoting sustainability and local craftsmanship.


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