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Heaven & Earth Dzi Necklace

Heaven & Earth Dzi Necklace

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Dzi Bead: This Heaven & Earth Dzi bead is believed to promote balance, harmony, and a connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. They are sought after for their potential to bring about blessings, protection, and a sense of equilibrium in one's life,

Turquoise: Flanking the dzi bead are two radiant turquoise stones, known not just for their visual appeal but also their spiritual significance. Their blue-green tones offer a delightful contrast, bringing out the beauty of the central bead even more.

Strung on a meticulously braided cord, the design ensures durability while highlighting the craftsmanship involved. More than just a piece of jewelry, this necklace stands as a testament to timeless tradition and cultural heritage.

SizeThe maximum length is 46 cm with adjustable knot.

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