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Guardian Trigram Tiger Dzi Necklace

Guardian Trigram Tiger Dzi Necklace

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Tiger Tooth Dzi Bead: The Tiger Tooth Dzi bead symbolizes courage, strength, protection, confidence and self-realization. Wearing the Tiger Tooth Dzi bead can inspire confidence, and ignite the desire for personal growth. 

Charm: The Nine Palaces Eight Trigrams charm, dangles near the Dzi bead. This golden charm features intricate designs and is deeply rooted in Tibetan culture, believed to harmonize energy and bring good fortune.

Cord: The beads are strung on a hand-twisted cord combining black and gold fibers, providing a sturdy and stylish foundation for the necklace. 

Dimensions: The necklace is crafted to standard length and adjustable, allowing the pendant to rest just below the collarbone on most wearers.

Note: As each bead is unique, slight variations in pattern and color are to be expected, adding to the individuality of each necklace.

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